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Our team of experts are here to help you properly price your property, help prepare it to sale, AGGRESSIVELY MARKET your house, and guide you through the process to ensure that your property is sold within your desired time frame and at the best price possible.

The Mickle Team sells houses FASTER, and for MORE MONEY than the average agent.

Let's be honest. Selling a home and moving can be a stressful experience. From preparing your home for sale to the constant cleaning for showings, it can be a true test your patience and resolve. So, why would you want to hire an average or inexperienced agent with little to no experience or budget. Save the stress and worry, by hiring a top-notch home selling team of professionals who has the right programs and systems in place to make your transition a smooth one. A team who has a MARKETING MACHINE that can get your home sold quickly, painlessly, and for the highest price possible. You don't need just any average or below average agent, you need Excellence!

The Mickle Team has the systems and resources to bring your home to the attention of as many buyers as possible, even those who may not yet know they are looking for it! We do this by leveraging the latest technologies as well as traditional avenues to catch every potential buyer. Most agents are comfortable using the old stand-by of taking a few pictures, pasting them into the MLS, and sticking a generic "FOR SALE" sign in the yard, then crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. The Mickle Team does not settle for that, and neither should you.

Do You Want Your Home SOLD For MORE MONEY, in LESS TIME, and with Less Headache!

Step 1 - Find Out What YOUR HOME Could Sell For.

The Mickle Team Highly Recommends pricing your home competitively. If it is priced too high, potential buyers may be deterred from considering your home only to help others sell theirs. Pricing low can create an auction-like buyer frenzy, but can also risk leaving money on the table. Let us guide you to the right price and “Hit the Mark”

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Step 2 - Consult an Experienced, Professional agent.

It is important to talk to an agent early in the process to establish a plan for your transition, and absolutely before you go tearing out walls, and replacing countertops, and making any major renovations! A good agent is going to give you an educated, and experienced professional perspective that can help your home SELL for More Money in Less Time.


Step 5 - Communicate and adjust.

You will receive regular communication with activity reports, feedback and more.

We often hear people say, "I met with my agent and signed the listing agreement. They listed my house and I never really heard from them much at all after that!" Communication and keeping our sellers in the loop is a TOP PRIORITY for us and believe that with great communication the selling process goes smoothly and holds the seller’s agent accountable especially when the price, marketing, or target needs to be adjusted.

Step 6 - Negotiate.

There is a lot more to negotiating the sale of your home, than agreeing on a final sales price. There are terms and conditions, inclusions, and an option period with pending inspections where you could likely see costly repair requests as well. It is important to have someone that knows the market, and how to present a counter offer that will balance keeping your buyer while preserving your money. There is a fine line between the perfect counter offer, and the one that causes the buyer to move on to another home. A good, experienced agent can protect you from a buyer walking all over you or walking away from the deal.

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Get Maximum Value For Your Home!

Get Maximum Value For Your Home!